Welcome to the first day of autumn at Marquette University.

Ugh missing this right  now


Welcome to the first day of autumn at Marquette University.

Ugh missing this right  now

A message from Anonymous
Hi! I'm going to be a freshman in Cobeen next year and I have two questions that i'm a little nervous to ask on the facebook page! First off, what do we do about books?? And secondly, how do you hang up stuff in your dorm? like posters or whatever. Thank you so much!

Hey! Well I’m glad you came to me girl face.

When you say books, do you mean buying books or where to put them?

If you mean buying, go to your class schedule on Checkmarq, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a link that says view booklist (or something like that).

Click on it and it’ll show you the books required for your courses. You can buy/rent through Marquette,  but it’s usually more expensive to do that. I look through Amazon  or Chegg first to see if I can get the books I need for much, much cheaper. (Look into an Amazon student account here)

If you’re talking about storage, your desk has a shelf that can hold books and you usually get a bookcase in your dorm, too!

As far as hanging up things in your dorm.. it’s a struggle. Everyone says that command hooks work. WELL FOR ME THEY DIDN’T. AT ALL. 

Instead, I learned that blue painter’s tape usually works the best, and try to keep your decorations light… No glass either. We had lots of broken glass in my dorm from falling frames. Oops. 

Enjoy ya summer and if you have anymore questions just ask me!

Add ice cream cupcake decorator extraordinaire to my résumé.

Add ice cream cupcake decorator extraordinaire to my résumé.

A message from whyamiaperson
Hey! I am going to be a freshman in the fall and I will be staying in Abbosttford! I was wondering if you had to clean your our bathrooms? Also if you would suggest getting a vacuum? thank you!

Howdy! Hay future Abby Gal whaddup!

YES you have to clean your own bathrooms, that’s why it’s actually cheaper to live in Abbz— they don’t have to hire staff to clean zeh bathrooms. It isn’t that bad, also it would be really weird if someone came in your dorm twice a day to clean a bathroom.
And I would suggest NO on the vacuum. Each RA has one, and it’ll save you lots of money and space- both in your car and room.


Wow, Time Flies When You’re Doing Nothing

Alright, just kidding, I’m working like 30-summin’ hours a week because DURING THE YEAR I TEND TO GET POOR. 

Anyway I thought I’d let you guys in a lil’ bit on how my summer is. 


Yeah. That’s a concise summary of my whole summer. 

Okay but besides that, it’s been nice to have time to really sit and collect my thoughts. 

You know how you have to leave someplace in order to miss it? The old adage expressed in a rock ballad by Cinderella, “You don’t know what you got (till it’s gone)?” 

True. So true. I really miss walking everywhere and being surrounded by people who are so different yet similar enough to where you feel like you kinda know them already. 

But here is a real live vid of me and my classmates coming back to campus in August:

But for those of you wondering, here is my summer in brief pictures.

My roommate next year, Kassie, came to visit and it looked like this:

I then showed a two year old The Lion King for the first time and it looked like this:

I paid a visit to me old stompin’ grounds (high school) and it looked like this:

I even tried some of the Oprah Chai and it looked like this: (Warning: funny chalk art to follow)

As you can see, I’ve really had an adventurous and spiritually strenuous summer vacation. 

Honestly, I’m so ready to be back splorin’ the old MKE.

Cheers, ya’ll. 

Send me questions, I’m obviously decaying from boredom. 

A message from sarahoswinoswald
I just found out I will be in Abbotsford in the fall!!!! I am so excited! What can you tell me about the rooms there besides the basics that I already know? Any advice? Thanks!

Ayoooo we got an Abbottsford gal. 

Let’s see… Don’t forget a keychain, because I almost did.

If you dont like the idea of lofted/bunk beds it is 100% possible to keep them all on the floor… With lots of hardwork and determination.. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.

The beginning months are HOT.. don’t believe people who say you don’t need fans. Invest in fans, trust me… you’ll thank yourself later. 

The walls are not thin, but the floor and ceiling are? I mean that in a not scary way— they’re completely durable. But you can always hear the people below and above you, if you’re someone who is sensitive to noises you could invest in some earplugs, but it literally was never a problem for me.

The best breakfast (I think) on campus is across the street from you and this fun fact took me a whole semester to figure out. Schroeder’s breakfast is awesome! It’s open from 7:30-9 every weekday morning. 

The DR’s (desk receptionists) at Abbottsford are scientifically proven (truth, science) to be the best. Introduce yourself to them, talk to them, get a good relationship with them.. It really gives you something to look forward to when you come back to your dorm. 

General advice a lot of people forget/deem unimportant: Mattress pads are a necessity. That is, unless you enjoy sleeping on stone. 

Also, just be mindful (and I fell into this trap) just because you know that you have more room in your dorm than most… Don’t use that as an excuse to bring more things than you think you might need. More space is nice…. very very nice. And you’ll thank yourself when you’re moving out, too. 

Thoughts on a Monday Night

Being home from college has taught me many things: the importance of daytime documentaries on the bio channel, how much more adult-y I became over the course of the year, how much time there really is in a day despite my previous stupor in its perceived brevity, and, of course, how much I am unhealthily obsessed with Harry Potter.

Since I’ve already discussed Harry Potter on this thing, I should maybe focus on the “adult-y” part.

What constitutes as an adult? My answer to this has, to say the least, evolved over the years. When I was a baby, I probably didn’t understand the concept of age, time, or maturity, so I can guess that I had no answer and instead opted for my bottle. But as I learned to walk and talk, I’m sure it had something to do with having babies or having a job. Then, I escaped into the abyss that is pre-teenhood (?) and I can assure you it involved a decaying age and paying bills. That, mind you, laced with some melodramatic quote or angsty song by some stupid band with an ironic name. You know, cuz. 

But now as I stand on this great precipice staring into my inevitable transformation into my own adult-y-ness, I have concluded that being an adult, being a true adult is defined by your ability to place others and their own ideas, concerns, and fears before your own.  I believe that this also walks hand-in-hand with realizing that you have no answers, nor even half of the answers to the things you thought you would when you were a child. (I mean, I still don’t understand the financial aid process or why people like beer. Beyond me, truly.)

Not having the answers is something I’m growing more comfortable in accepting. What am I going to do when I graduate with a degree in French and who knows what else? I’m not sure, yet I don’t really care.

As a growing adult, I am realizing not simply the importance of education, but the rarity of it. How lucky I, a woman, am to have the opportunity to study openly and without fear of imprisonment or death. For me, part of being an adult also includes your awareness of your place in the world. 

So, for all of my new FRESHMEN following or reading this blog, I will leave you, as I am known to do, with a quote from mister John Green. A quote that I never get tired of. 

"Study broadly and without fear. Learn a language if you can, because that will make your life more interesting. Read a little bit every day. But most importantly surround yourself with people you like and make cool stuff with them. In the end, what you do isn’t going to be as interesting as who you do it with."

And for all of you asking, “What should I even do with my life?” I give you this video:

Happy Summer, all. 

Be kind to one another and all that stuff.

Stop, You Don’t Need That In Your Dorm

(Disclaimer: All of these described below are simply things I never used, but took up the space in our car to bring. In no way am I telling you what to do. I know the U.S. is a “free country” even though that only means that the U.S government cannot convict a citizen/visitor/magician of doing/saying some action/sentiment, so stop using that mantra to mean that other people can’t boss you around. There are not checkpoints in/around campus checking for these items, those are tolls. I know, I was just as confused as you are. Finally, these items are not considered contraband at Marquette- to my knowledge, but for a list of forbidden items, click here.)

-12 mugs: believe it or not, you only need one or two. This goes for dishes and utensils, too.

-Those outlets shaped like a person: just, no.

-Notebooks/folders: buy these after you look at the syllabus.

-A bunch of decorations/cute little things for your dorm: Sure, take some posters, pictures, maybe a wand or two, but leave the excessive little knick knacks at home… they really build up. 

-Pack seasonally?: Okay so this is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, but it really does help. I can’t really practice this because I only go home once a semester, but I’ve seen the wonders of leaving your coats home until it’s actually cold outside. Saves so much room. 

-All them DVD’s: bring 3, MAX. Please. they are heavy and a lot of them makes for a bulky nightmare.

-Blankets: use your comforter.

-Extra furniture: okay so I didn’t make this mistake, but I saw a lot of people who did. Make sure all of the things you’re bringing WILL FIT in your dorm and you’ll still have walking space.

The list is short, but that’s partly because you are living there for nine months, so you’ll be needing more than a few items. Notice things you use everyday and notice what you don’t. Why take up the space in your tiny dorm with things you’ll only-kind-of-use-maybe?

Good luck packing, y’all!

Wow! (as emphasized by Harry Potter gifs)

Let me tell you, the best feeling in the whole world is being home. 


(above: Real picture of me driving out of Kentucky into Tennessee)

Last time I slept in my own bed, played with my cats, and drove my child of a car was in January, and it had been killing me to be gone for so long. 

But here I am, slightly missing Marquette, yes. But oh so happy to be back in Nashville with my people. My days so far have been measured by welcoming hugs and infinite question-and-answer conversations; with lots of laughter and sunshine-threatening smiles.  


(Hehe ^^^)

Just wanted to give y’all a quick check-in while I prepare my list of, “Stop, You Don’t Need That In Your Dorm”

And so it goes!

Today marks my last day in my dorm… What?

Yes, it is over. Tomorrow I will be moving out and Saturday, I will be driving home.

It’s bittersweet, really. I haven’t been home since Christmas, and I miss my friends, cats, and family like crazy. (Not to mention Nashville) 

But on the other hand, I really am going to miss the crazy antics that come when you have thousands of almost-adult children with too much free time. 

Thinking back on where I started this year and where I ended up, I can honestly say that this has been the largest transformation I have undergone in such a small period of time. 

Marquette has taken me from my small corner in Milwaukee, to the South Side at a middle school (WHERE I SOMEHOW DIRECTED A MUSICAL?), to Chicago, to New York, and I’ve made friends from Rwanda, France, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and many, many suburbs of Chicago.

I hate to see this year go, but I cannot wait to see what my Sophomore year brings. 

So, to the Class of 2018 let me give you my advice for how to have the best Freshman experience ever:

  • Say “yes!” to more things.
  • Then, give those commitments everything you’ve got. 

Show ‘em who’s boss and make a lasting impression. 

For those of who new, here’s a quick recap of my year: