A message from Anonymous
So I have a few rare health problems, as well as an eating disorder. I love Marquette, but I'm from Chicago. I know it's really not far! I actually just visited for the second time today. And I LOVE it. But do you think I will realistically be able to travel down to Chicago weekly (at least) for my appointments? I'm sure Milwaukee has some great doctors and Marquette has some good therapists too but because they're so difficult to treat, I really wanna keep my normal doctors.. Thank you!

Hello! Realistically, it is definitely possible. Maybe pricey with Amtrak and everything, but definitely do-able. My only thing is that it may be difficult once you start getting involved with activities, because there can be a lot of meetings throughout the week and even on the weekends. But you, perhaps, could just take a train to wherever you need to go in the morning and be back by 12 or 1 that afternoon.

It is definitely possible, but not easy. I say try it out and if it becomes too much, you can always transfer. But always think about the additional cost it brings! A car is $600 to park, and Amtrak is about $50 each way. I know you’ll make the best decision for you, though.

I hope that helped a bit!

Step Up! and the Anniversary

Tomorrow, April 6th, marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the genocide in Rwanda, which is known as one of the absolute worst violations of human rights in history. It was a genocide where the world stood and watched. 

And I am apart of a group here at Marquette called, Step Up!, which supports Rwandan women and children who have since been struggling to rebuild their lives. And we look fabulous while doing it.

Being a milestone anniversary, we decided that we should organize an event to honor all those who were killed twenty years ago. After some of the most stressful weeks of planning in my life, somehow, everything worked out. 

Multi-award winning director and writer Marie-France Collard and human rights activist Martine Beckers flew in from Belgium to watch and discuss two of Collard’s films- one of which features Beckers as she tries to convict the man who killed her sister, brother-in-law and niece. 

We were later joined by Emmanuel Habimana- orphaned at the age of 9 by the genocide, he navigated Rwanda by himself until he somehow convinced a group Interahamwe that he, himself, was Hutu, so that he could live. 

Hearing these people’s stories were, humbling to say the least. They are all so welcoming, warm, open, honest, and pensive. I still am in shock that I was apart of organizing this event, and that I am surrounded by so many interesting people in the International community at Marquette as well as the Foreign Language Department. They have all helped me grow and have given me a permanent home for the next three years, BECAUSE MY FRESHMAN YEAR IS ALMOST OVER.

But wait one more picture because Emmanuel is so adorable.

At any rate, merci beaucoup Marquette et Step Up!, je suis très heureuse de faire votre connaissance. 


Let’s “be ignited” in our community service involvement for the rest of the semester. 

So next year, I’m rooming with…

My wonderful friend Kassie!

Last night, we toured McCabe and holy smokes is it beautiful 

Regardless, I move now, onward. 

I have events and projects to plan!

A message from nick-aragua
Hey! So I'm REALLY interested in Marquette but it's so expensive! I know a lot of private schools have big scholarships that most people automatically receive if accepted for having good grades in high school. Did you get this? And how much was this off tuition? Are there any other scholarship opportunities? I don't think my family would get THAT much financial aid. I've looked at the Marquette website and it wasn't too helpful. I guess my question is...how are you paying for school?!? :)

Oh man, yes I know it’s pretty expensive. I did get this, and this gave me about $10,000 a year off of my tuition as well as a $5,000 grant that everyone gets. So I have $15,000 off of my tuition. 

There are a lot of scholarship opportunities all around campus and the financial aid office is more than welcome to work with anyone who needs help! 

For what I don’t have covered, I have in…. loans.

But you know, for me, in my eyes, it’s worth it.

A message from Anonymous
Hi! I just got into Marquette also and I was wondering how your social life is? and Also if you have heard any good or bad things about Mashuda Hall for dorming! I hope you've been having a good college experience!

Wow sorry! My messages never showed that I got this! I hope this isn’t too late!!

Well first off, CONGRATS on the acceptance. My social life is filled with wonderful, beautiful people who love going on adventures with me. You really have to put yourself out there, but once you do that friends are pretty easy to come by!

Mashuda.. Well let’s say it’s far. But in reality, it isn’t that bad, and there’s a dining hall and air conditioning. So there’s benefits and losses, but it’s that way for every dorm, you know? I also hear that social life at Mashuda is normal.

Thank you!! 

MARDI GRAS (not the kind you’re thinking of)

"Making a Real Difference In Gulf Regions and Area Surrounding"

That is what MARDI GRAS stands for here at Marquette. 

This past week was spring break, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to be apart of the first “real” MARDI GRAS trip to New York City. 

Some of you may be confused now. Why New York? Well, Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of destruction that still has not been fixed or tended to in most areas that line the coast. 

So, Marquette MARDI GRAS, following the Jesuit tradition, took it upon themselves to lend a hand.

This past week was filled with laughter, love, generosity, and hard work.

Whether it was working in the soup kitchens at St. John’s Bread and Life in Brooklyn, playing with the kiddos at Briarwood Family Homeless Shelter’s daycare, or working with the amazing group All Hands reconstructing homes for the beautiful people of Staten Island. MARDI GRAS leaves you transformed and humbled. 

Not only did we do some work, we had a little bit a lot of fun. We got to explore the city, and be immersed in the culture of the New Yorkers that we were helping. Sure we got to go to the Marquette game at Madison Square Garden, but the most memorable thing was walking around the sights and memorials of 9/11. I was brought to tears by the selflessness of all who risked their lives to save their fellow citizens, thus putting our reason for being there into perspective. 

I was trying all week to take that same spirit of pure service and apply it into our work.

And I did. 

And so. We all danced. 

Thank you, Marquette MARDI GRAS for an amazing week, I will be back.

Here’s some pics:





All I can say is

Midterms tried to kill me, but I have succeeded. 

This makes me the alpha.

(Just kidding, but BRING SPREAK is on the horizon)

I am going with Marquette Mardi Gras to New York City! And you best believe I will report back and be sentimental about it, too. 

Look luck on your finals, essays, and may the Father Marquette have mercy on your souls.


Church of the Gesu. Milwaukee, 2012.
Massive snowstorm that hit Milwaukee my freshman year. It was crazy.


Church of the Gesu. Milwaukee, 2012.

Massive snowstorm that hit Milwaukee my freshman year. It was crazy.